Monday Motivation: Positivity Goals

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen. 
- Von Goethe

This inaugural Monday Motivation post will focus on the current goals I'm working towards with regards to positivity. I think that many of you would agree that summer is somehow the best time to hit the refresh button on your lifestyle and start to implement new, positive changes. Here are a few of the things I am resolving to do to give you a little jump start on ideas for your own summer personal development goals!

Stop reading the comments section.
Over the past year, I've developed the habit of scrolling through the comment sections of the articles I read. It all started with The Atlantic and eventually trickled down into other websites. Recently, I've really begun noticing the soul-sucking power of this habit. I will often read a relatively uninspired article but end up leaving the comment section with wide eyes, thinking to myself---These people are actually nuts. Do people really think like this? What happened to make them so miserable? Is everyone this negative? The relentlessly negative nature of most comments truly causes an exhausting mental spiral, so I'm trying to detox my life of them altogether. 

Develop my yoga practice.
I never liked yoga. I always got bored or wished I was doing a more fast-paced workout, so for the longest time I swore it off. Recently, I found this Yoga Camp on YouTube and have been so pleasantly surprised. It is even slower paced than the yoga I had tried before, but somehow it works for me. So, I now do my regular workout in the late afternoon and then finish off the night with an episode of Yoga Camp as a cool down. The moral of the anecdote, I suppose, is to try new things---specifically things that you think you might not like. 

Reject living conveniently. 
This is a big one. It's something that I am constantly aware of, whether within myself or in the external world. To put it boldly, I think convenience is dangerous. While it doesn't necessarily need to be eliminated altogether, I think it should be something that we all carefully monitor in our lives. Because this is such a rich topic, I will save the details for a future post. In the meantime, just think about it.

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