5 Favorite YouTube Vloggers

I am completely obsessed with YouTube these days. By far, I favor watching vlogs over watching anything on regular TV. From travel vlogs to beauty and wellness and lifestyle, I find it fascinating to see the daily routines of others and have a unique look into someone's life. Here are my current favorites: 

Casey Neistat
The OG vlogger, Casey's were the first daily vlog videos that caught my attention. If you aren't already subscribed, you should be if only for the New York scenery and his ability to make everyday look cinematic. Plus, Franny.

Olivia Jade
Olivia casually inspired my foray into lifestyle vlog viewing. While she mostly does beauty tutorials, there are also a few travel vlogs, hauls, and challenge videos. Mostly, I just love her personality and think it's kind of interesting that her mom is Lori Loughlin.

Shay Mitchell
I absolutely adore Shay. Yeah, she's on Pretty Little Liars but her videos are amazing just for her personality alone. She has a really positive energy about her and always has tons of adventures to report on the vlog.

Amber Fillerup Clark
If you want major hair envy and future family goals, watch everything on the Barefoot Blonde Youtube channel.

Marianna Hewitt
I love watching Marianna's travel videos as well as her super informative Day in the Life of a Blogger videos. Her outfits are always top notch and the insider look into the life of a full-time blogger is enlightening.

Who are some of your favorite vloggers? Do you think vlogging will ever overtake traditional television completely?