How to Channel the Duchess of Cambridge

To start, I must say that I miss the circa-2011 hype surrounding Kate Middleton. While the wedding excitement has died down and the attention is now focused on her adorable children, I think that the Duchess is still heralded as one of the major fashion icons of our time and deserves to be depicted as such. We can all take cues from Kate whether it be from her laid-back style to the sporty looks. While we may not all be attending state dinners on the regular, we can be inspired by her formal looks when we go out for a nice dinner, to the ballet or a wedding.

The Beauty Look
Kate's beauty look is simple---polished yet relaxed, feminine yet sporty. Keep makeup fresh with a tinted moisturizer, light blush, thick but well-maintained brows, a simple smoky eye, and a nude lip. Kate's iconic hair comes in a few variations---the blowout, the updo, and on some occasions, the athletic braid or ponytail. To emulate this look, try using Kerastase products, rough blow dry to 25% dry, then use a bristled round brush for the remainder of the blowout. Add velcro rollers at the roots for more volume and finish with a curling wand and hair spray before tousling with your fingers.

What are some of your favorite looks from the Duchess of Cambridge?