5 BookTubers With Amazing Taste

I love the idea of BookTuber channels. As much as I love fashion and beauty, I really don't care to watch all of the Sephora hauls or clothing hauls people upload to YouTube. There's nothing wrong with them per se, it's just that they can be rather boring. However, book hauls have my full support. I love seeing all of the beautiful covers and adding hundreds of books to my To Read list after watching these videos. 

Though for the longest time, I could only find BookTubers who seemed to strictly read YA fiction or graphic novels---both of which are things that do not interest me in the slightest. Seriously, for years I could only find these kinds of channels until recently when I came across the channel Reads and Daydreams. This led me to several other channels run by individuals whose taste in books is more akin to my own. Unsurprisingly, four out of five of them are British.

Reads and Daydreams
Lauren of Reads and Daydreams is my favorite BookTuber of the moment. Her taste is varied and she often recommends books by authors that were previously unknown to me which is always interesting. She tends to discuss a lot of smart, contemporary fiction as well as poetry, nonfiction, and short story collections.

A Case for Books
Anna of A Case For Books is a books journalist who makes incredibly beautiful and creative videos showcasing her book recommendations and hauls. 

C.A. DuBois
Chauncey's channel C.A. Dubois is perfect if you are looking for longer, more in-depth literary analysis. Her passion for literature is contagious and she always goes well beyond the basic book review or blurb.

Books Beauty Ameriie
Ameriie is a Grammy-nominated singer who also runs the channel Books Beauty Ameriie. She is very well-spoken and recommends a wide range of books from fantasy to historical fiction.

Jen Campbell
Jen is an author and YouTuber with excellent taste in both contemporary and classic literature. She recently posted a video recommending The Tidal Zone by Sarah Moss, which I have since been determined to locate and purchase. This will be your go-to channel for lesser known, intellectual book selections.

Who are some of your favorite BookTubers?