8 Feel-Good TV Shows to Watch This Weekend

AKA What to Watch When All Other Television is horribly depressing.

Just Add Magic
I stumbled upon this kids show on Amazon Prime and sort of became obsessed with it. I've watched the season two times through and really hope there will be a second season! It's about three friends who find a magical cookbook and have to use the recipes to save one of the girl's grandmother. It's adorable.

Fixer Upper
Chip, Joanna, their adorable kids and farm are always a great feel-good option.

Cedar Cove
A cute show starring Andie MacDowell as a judge in a small coastal town.

Happy Endings
The best friend group sitcom if you ask me. Watch it on Hulu for laughs.

The Great British Bake Off
With soft spoken British bakers, frolicking goats, and sweet little baked goods, this show is literally the television equivalent of Xanax.

The West Wing
A reminder to always strive for civility.

Barefoot Contessa
Similar to The Great British Bake Off, Barefoot Contessa provides amazing recipes but can also help put you to sleep in the best way.

Gilmore Girls
The ultimate.