Monday Motivation: Rejecting Convenience

Photo via  Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Convenience, while by definition may seem positive, can be a dangerous thing. Slipping into a life dictated by conveniences and passive routines can be mentally and spiritually restrictive. On the surface, convenience seems like a positive thing. After all, most technological advances thrive due to the pursuit of convenience. But in reality, convenience is not equivalent to efficiency or productivity.

In reality, too much convenience is a gateway to a passive lifestyle. Convenience is what causes people to take the same vacations year after year, causing them to miss out on adventures that are meant to challenge them spiritually, mentally, and physically. Convenience is what causes people to eat poorly, to never branch out.

It is so important for us to push ourselves into situations that are new, adventurous, uncomfortable, wild, and even a little bit dangerous. To do things the hard way sometimes. To travel to places where you don't speak the language. To take the longer route. To take the time to hand select and prepare your food. To have difficult conversations and to embrace disagreements. 

I truly encourage you all to reject convenience whenever possible, even if it's just for the sake of doing so.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.
— Paul Coelho