A Quick Message

For today, I originally wrote a post about going to cooking classes with my team, ideas for an apartment refresh, The West Wing, and Club Monaco dresses. In light of recent events---namely the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and the five officers in Dallas and many unnamed others affected by unnecessary violence---I don't feel comfortable using what little voice I have in the internet space to discuss the activities that made up an incredibly privileged week of my incredibly privileged life.

The message I most often try my best to preach is the vital importance of civility. Each day, it becomes more evident that we, as a society, are lacking it. Who can blame us when those who are vying for positions of great leadership are anything but great leaders? When we empower individuals who operate on a platform that actively rejects civility, we dig our own graves. When we don't speak up against and actively protest the empowerment of these people and these "values", we cannot be surprised when we no longer live in a country or a world which respects community and humanity. 

All of this has been so disheartening. My thoughts, of course, go out to the family and friends of anyone affected by recent violent events or any past events like them. My thoughts go out to the parents who had to explain to their children why their beloved school cafeteria worker was killed by police officers during what should have been a routine traffic stop. And now, my thoughts go out to the Dallas community as well. Where does it end?

The most important thing to do, though, is to remain civil, to protect and respect each other, and to continue speaking out against the moral depravity that is becoming so prevalent in our culture---whether it be among our leaders, our supposed protectors, or among our neighbors.


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