The End-of-Summer Heat

This post was written in partnership with Irresistible Me.

Now that we are nearing the end of summer, it seems that the heat has reached its peak, leaving us all dying for autumn weather---only 36 more days until fall begins! As we wrap up the season, I've been thinking about all the ways we can use our beauty routines to combat the hot weather. Spritz your face with a good hydrating mist. Sooth your skin with a cooling gel. Protect your hair with a heat spray

It may seem counter intuitive to add more heat to your routine during the summer, but I find that straightening my hair can help it to feel more manageable and less thick on my neck on particularly hot days. Irresistible Me was kind enough to send me a hair straightener to try out recently and I absolutely loved being able to incorporate it into my routine.

I prepped my hair with a heat spray and gave it a quick brushing then parted down the middle, working backwards in small sections on either side of my head. Irresistible Me's straightener allows you to have great control over the temperature of the iron, so I set it at about 380 degrees which did the trick for my hair which is fine, but rather thick.

The whole job took about 10 minutes in total, which was great since I usually only spend about 2 minutes styling my hair in the morning and am not interested in taking much longer. 

Another great benefit of straightening your hair in the summer is that it makes it easier to work with if you are trying out various braiding techniques. I tried a quick double hairline braid after straightening and found my hair to be ten times easier to work with.  

This particular straightener is constructed with ceramic plates that are coated in crushed diamond particles and tourmaline, which help your hair retain its natural oils and combat frizz and humidity. The best part for me is that the iron seemed to add a bit of texture to my hair rather than leaving it too flat.