Healthy Morning Habits

Before you get out of bed, try a few simple stretches to warm up your muscles for the day. A quick and effective sequence consists of knee-to-chest back stretches, lying glute stretch (my all-time favorite), child's pose, twists, and cat cow.

Set the Scene
Whether it is a week day or weekend, it is worth the few minutes it takes to create a serene, uplifting space for your morning routine. Light a candle or two in a relaxing scent like lavender or eucalyptus. Better yet, try Maison Margiela's Lazy Sunday Morning scent. Once the candles are lit, put on your favorite morning playlist. You may prefer to hear upbeat songs in the morning, but I love the Yiruma station on Pandora or baroque music because it makes me feel like a French queen (always a good confidence boost). 

Start your morning skincare routine with a splash of cold water to the face and neck. This will not only wake you up, but it will also help to remove any puffiness from your face. Use a gentle cleanser like Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser followed by a moisturizer containing SPF and hyaluronic acid (try Neutrogena or Murad), then a toner and your favorite eye cream (which should be kept in the refrigerator for best use).

Lemon Water
Head to the kitchen and have a glass of lemon water, preferably warm but cold works too if the weather is too hot for anything otherwise. This will help to balance the pH of your body and aid digestion among many other benefits.

Gentle Yoga Flow
If I have the time, I like to do a quick and gentle yoga flow---maybe a few sun salutations, a vinyasa sequence or one of Yoga with Adriene's wonderful, short videos.

Unless you are making a hot breakfast, I recommend prepping the meal the night before so that it is as simple as pulling a bowl out of the refrigerator in the morning. My very favorite go-to breakfasts are yogurt bowls (plain greek yogurt with honey, seasonal fruit, and granola) and chia seed pudding (an almond-vanilla variation topped with fruit). On the side, I suggest having a cup of matcha tea which will help to get you energized and feeling full.

Five Minute Journal 
To set intentions for the day ahead, try working on a five minute journal. You can write daily mantras, goals, about the dreams you had, or just about anything. It's a good way to set a positive tone for what's to come.

Protein Shake to Go
Before heading out for the day, blend a quick protein shake with frozen fruit, a plant-based protein powder, and greens. My favorite combination is banana, cherry, blueberry, almond milk, Blue Adaptogen Protein Powder, bee pollen, spinach, and a bit of honey.