Monday Motivation: Trying New Things

What is the purpose of being human and alive without doing new things?
— John Sulston

Last month, I wrote about rejecting convenience. One very clear facet of rejecting convenience is trying new things. I always think it's funny when I encounter people who are set in their ways when it comes to things like food, movies, music or ideology, the latter of which can of course be rather harmful. With all due respect, I cringe when I hear about people who take the same vacation year after year, especially to highly sanitized bastardizations of "real" places you could actually visit in the world. I say this with little judgment because there is always a reason for these choices, but I think it's good personal development to push yourself outside your own boundaries and try new things as often as possible.

These new things don't always have to be huge endeavors. Yes, taking a solo trip abroad is a great thing to try and was something that I personally quite enjoyed. But, there are plenty of little things that you can do on a daily basis to push yourself out of the comfort zone. You could try a new restaurant or style your hair differently. I'm usually so laid back with my hair styling that it was exciting to try out a few new straightened hairstyles recently. 

I encourage everyone to challenge themselves this fall (and in the months and years following it) to try new things as frequently and fervently as possible. Be open to new kinds of food, new styles of music, genres of books and movies you may not expect to like. Travel to new places, try out new activities, and experience things you have not yet experienced. Be open to ideologies that differ from your own and think critically before making judgments.