What to Watch to Get Excited for Autumn

Harry Potter
There's nothing like Harry Potter to get you in the mood for fall. The films offer all of the autumn inspiration you could ever want---from the academic setting to the cozy wardrobes to all of the library scenes. I recently marathoned the first three films, concluding that they are the best of all to get you excited for the season.

Gossip Girl
Specifically, the Thanksgiving episodes. Fall in New York is always an appealing setting, so these are fairly obvious choices. The Season 1 Thanksgiving episode (1.09) is the best, with Blair in her perfect outfits and lots of great fall scenery.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
I used to read this book obsessively as a child because I loved the descriptions of Mr. Fox stealing turkeys and cider from the nearby farmers. If that's not autumnal, nothing is.

The Dead Poets Society
No list of autumn films can exist without including this one. It continues with the themes of academia that were pointed out in Harry Potter and adds the layers of East Coast prep school and literature that result in autumnal perfection.

You've Got Mail
With more New York fall scenery and that line about freshly sharpened pencils, this is another ubiquitous fall movie pick. 

The Social Network
While this is perhaps a more unlikely pick for a fall movie list, I think that any film set at Harvard (see: The Paper Chase) is a good choice for fall.

Continuing with the theme of academia, books, prep schools, and Wes Anderson, Rushmore is another good option. If you're heading back to school, it will get you excited and if school is a thing of the past, it will have you suddenly wishing to return.

Gilmore Girls
Even when it's summer on this show, it somehow always feels like fall. Stars Hollow is perpetually cozy and the scenes at Chilton and Yale fulfill the academia criteria.

What are your go-to fall films?