A Quick Playlist

I don't do a lot of playlists here because I'm fairly clueless when it comes to writing about music in any meaningful way. My creativity is most aligned with that of a director or curator. I like to arrange things that complement one another and often, music for me is enjoyed alongside imaginary visuals and film sequences in my head.

So, here's a playlist I put together to which I picture a kind of modern Rapunzel stowed away in the penthouse of a Manhattan hotel where her friends come to visit and she wears round sunglasses at night. So, yeah, enjoy!

 I Should Watch TV by David Byrne

Entropy by Grimes

Flags by Oh Land

China Girl by David Bowie

Rose Rouge by Saint Germain

Die Zauberflote by Mozart

When Love Is Alive by BLOSH

Dive by Blondage

It's Already Cold by Serge Erege

UGH! by The 1975