Creating a Winter Project


Last month, I mentioned the concept of winter projects in a post about autumn. My reasoning is that winter can be a complex time both physically and mentally---the weather prevents most outdoor activities and the lack of sunlight can be frustrating. In order to combat the negative feelings that can come with this season, I think it's good to assign yourself a winter project. Here are a few ideas:

Ideas for Winter Projects

Write a short story
Challenge yourself to write more this winter, whether it be a full short story or a few chapters of a longer endeavor. Some other options include daily journaling or creative writing prompts. Perhaps you could even begin outlining your memoir!

Create an art journal
My best friend invited me to do a 30-day art journal two summers ago and it was so much fun! You simply buy a blank art journal and create something in it each day according to the daily prompt or theme. 

Cook through a recipe book
Pick a recipe book that's been sitting on your shelves and commit to cooking your way through it. Too many choices can sometimes feel contrarily limiting (this is the same problem we all have with making selections on Netflix), so forcing yourself to cook every recipe in the book is a great way to find new meals that you may not have been previously drawn to.

Purge and reorganize all of your belongings
The guys from The Minimalists have a great 30-Day Minimalism Game in which you gradually eliminate unwanted belongings. This creates an environment that is far easier to organize and manage going forward.

Commit to a meditation challenge
The easiest way to go about this is to download an app that allows you to track your meditations. Much like the minimalism game, you can start small by meditating for five minutes per day and gradually increase the length of time as the weeks go on. Or, challenge yourself to meditate for a total of 30 minutes each day from the get-go.

Try a new fitness class each weekend
Who cares if ClassPass Unlimited is no longer? Try out a new fitness class each weekend to get out of your comfort zone. This is super easy if you belong to a gym that offers a variety of classes. You never know what your new obsession will be. If you prefer free workouts, try a new kind of workout from YouTube each weekend.

Plan your next trip
Winter is a great time to start planning for your travels. If you're freezing cold and dreading the early sunsets, there is nothing like dreaming of a getaway to make you feel better in the moment. If you have a location in mind, determine what you'd like to do when you're there along with where you would like to stay. If you're not sure of your location, start a Pinterest board for inspiration. Dreaming of these things is half the fun.

Complete a thirty day photo challenge
Have you seen those challenges people sometimes do on Instagram? As with art journals, these photo challenges provide you with a daily subject or theme to photograph. This can be a really fun way to stretch your creative muscles and can consume as little or as much time as you wish.

Engage in a reading challenge
This year, I did the 50 Books Challenge. Next year, I'm thinking of making my challenges have monthly themes which also works well for a winter project. Some goals could be to only read books that you already own, to only read books published before you were born, or to read everything written by specific author.

Create a 2017 vision board
Having a goal to set goals is rather meta, isn't it? The end of the year is the ideal time to decide what you want 2017 to look like for your life. Cuddle up in your house and spend a few moments each day adding to and contemplating your vision board so that you can make it all happen.