Dream Weekend: Munich

Thank you Tatjana for the Munich challenge!

Saturday would begin with breakfast of bakery treats and coffee at Cotidiano Garnerplatz. Then, I'd spend much of the day outside the city at Neuschwanstein Castle, which could potentially be the world's most magical place. While visiting the castle, I'd have a picnic lunch before returning to the city for a coffee at Vorhoelzer Forum. For dinner, I'd have cozy, alpine cuisine at Restaurant Laurin before going to Der Verruckte Eismacher to sample weird ice-cream flavors like asparagus, champagne, and cheeseburger.

On Sunday, I'd have breakfast Cafe am Beethovenplatz in the belle epoque Hotel Mariandl where the breakfast dishes are named after composers. After breakfast, I'd go shopping around Turkenstrasse, especially for antique books. I'd visit the plethora of galleries in Munich and maybe have a tea at Cafe Jasmin. Lunch would be at cozy Ratskeller before going off to explore Museum Brandhorst which houses contemporary works by Basquiat, Walter de Maria, Damien Hirst and others. For dinner, I'd go to Broeding for the six course menu (or the vegetarian menu if, hypothetically, they offered it on Sundays). After dinner, I'd be a bit controversial and have drinks the Goldene Bar at Haus der Kunst which was once a Nazi museum dedicated to propagandist artwork and is now contrarily home to diverse, contemporary artwork. 

What to Wear