Fall Day-in-the-Life


8:30 am
I wake up around 8:30 and it's super cold because I can't sleep with the heat on, so I just wrap up in an electric blanket instead. I light the candles in my bathroom and living room to create a relaxing vibe before doing my skincare routine. In the morning, I wash my face in one of two ways. If my skin feels good, I wash with warm water and follow up with a few drops of Caudalie oil. If my skin feels like it could be cleaner, I use Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and, now that the weather is cold, follow up with Embryolisse moisturizer.

9:00 am
Next, I make a really easy breakfast---puffed rice cereal with almond milk, honey drizzle, and a dash of bee pollen. Even though I probably shouldn't, I typically eat my breakfast in bed while listening to a podcast or watching something on Hulu. This morning, I listened to Garance Dore's podcast episode with Grace Bonney and Anna Bond.

10:00 am
After breakfast, I spend time cleaning and organizing my space. I empty the sink and the dish drainer, put dishes in the dishwasher, launder my bedding, tidy up the counters, and finally unpack my suitcase. Then, I refill my linen spray bottle by mixing 6 tbsp of water, 1 tbsp of vodka, and about 30 drops of lavender essential oil.

11:00 am
Next, I get back in bed (it's Saturday!) and read a book. I'm nearing the end of my 50 book challenge, so my reading time has been abundant lately. I finished one book last night before going to a friend's house to watch the Hamilton documentary so I start The Cursed Child this morning. It's amazing and only takes me the day to finish.

12:00 pm
This morning, I'm feeling dehydrated and my head feels a bit stuffy, so I take a break from reading to turn on my humidifier and have a short nap while wearing a heated eye mask.


1:00 pm
After waking up from my nap, I make a cup of tea and look through some magazines to gain inspiration for future blog posts. 

2:00 pm
Then, I make lunch which consists of sliced apples and a sandwich with avocado, vegan Just Mayo, lettuce, cucumber, Himalayan pink salt, and a few small slices of Vermont white cheddar.

3:00 pm
After lunch, I get ready for the day. My routine is pretty simple today---just moisturizer, Dr. Jart BB cream, and Smith's Rosebud Salve---and I'm wearing black leggings, my "Like a Kloss" tee, a tan longline cardigan, and black patent flatforms. I head to Whole Foods to pick up just a few things which included a huge jug of cider and a new soy candle which smells like Pomegranate and Spruce. 

4:00 pm
I would typically go to hot yoga around this time, but I still feel dehydrated from earlier so I decide to go the library instead to loan a few movies.

5:00 pm
I get home and take a shower with my eucalyptus spray then light my new candle which is absolutely amazing. I keep reading for a bit until I get hungry.

6:00 pm
Next, I start making dinner and read while doing so. I try to recreate my very favorite meal from Blossom which includes pomme puree and sauteed kale.

7:00 pm
After dinner, I watch Howl's Moving Castle which is one of the few Studio Ghibli movies that I hadn't seen already. I don't know what took me so long, but it was magical and perfect as expected.

8:00 pm
I take a quick break from the movie to wash my face with a Kate Somerville cleanser followed by Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate and Embryolisse moisturizer. I brush my teeth and all of that as well before returning to finish the movie.


9:00 pm
Once the movie ends, I make a cup of Sleepytime tea and look through Sophia Amoruso's new book Nasty Galaxy which is a super inspiring way to end the night.

10:00 pm
Lastly, I listen to a podcast before falling asleep.