Grove Collaborative

When it comes to cleaning, I am a bit of a contradiction. I love being organized and living in a clean home, but sometimes getting there isn't the most fun thing. Since I've been in my apartment, I've grown to enjoy cleaning more and more, mostly because it allows me to get caught up on podcasts but also because of the delicious smells.

With so many household and beauty products containing toxic chemicals linked to allergies, birth defects, psychological abnormalities, and cancer, it's incredibly important to be conscious of the products you use in your home. To make this easier, I recently joined Grove Collaborative which offers all-natural household products on a model similar to Thrive Market. They were mentioned in a YouTube video I was watching and I immediately signed up. 

You sign up for free and start adding (discounted) products to your cart, only paying for what you actually want. The service recurs each month, but they send reminders two weeks in advance so you can fill your cart with all of the necessities you need or pare down if you are looking to spend less that month. 

Some great things about Grove Collaborative:

  • All products come from natural brands.
  • Grove Co. itself is a b-corp, like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry's.
  • The company saves 25 square feet of rain forest with every shipment by donating ten cents from every order to the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Their shipping is carbon offset.

I got a few basics in my first shipment and am excited to choose new products for my second box!

The first thing I chose was a tube of Tom's toothpaste. For the past year, I've been using a basic, mass-market brand to help with tooth pain but I've since stopped because I believe that it was causing me to break out. Yes, your toothpaste can do that. Thus, I switched back to Tom's.

I was most excited, however, about the Mrs. Meyer's holiday dish soap. I chose peppermint and vanilla which really is the perfect winter scent. Having a frothy sink of warm, peppermint scented water is a great way to motivate yourself to clean the dishes.

I gravitated toward these sponges because the pretty, neutral colors are so much more appealing than the acid yellow and green sponges you find at most stores. These really make your sink look so much better.

Using parchment paper while baking is a game changer. You can grease your pans with as much coconut oil as you'd like, but nothing compares to sliding your cookies right off the tray and leaving no sticky mess on the pan.

Granted, paper towels are a boring purchase but these unbleached, recycled towels from Seventh Generation are durable and eco-friendly which makes me feel better about using them instead of dirtying a cloth to clean the counters.


To get started with Grove Collaborative, click here!