Packing for the Holidays

I'm so excited to be going home for the holidays later this week! Lucky for me, my family lives in a warm climate so I will be able to pack very light and enjoy the weather. Packing to visit your family home can be so different than packing for any other trip. I know that when I'm visiting home, I typically spend a lot of time at the house so I will only really need 2 or 3 looks for actual outings. 

Below, I've outlined simple, minimal packing lists for warm weather holidays and cold weather holidays.

Warm Weather

My warm weather holiday packing list is pretty short since my plans don't go far beyond watching movies, napping, cooking, visiting friends, and potentially one exciting day trip. So, the packing list seen here is geared more toward people visiting family in warmer climates rather than individuals going on a legit beach vacation. 

For lazy days at home, pack a comfy graphic t-shirt, lounge-y leggings, and a cozy pair of pajamas. For casual days out, I recommend a pair of skinny jeans with a simple blouse or denim shorts with a loose fitting white long-sleeve tee. Also pack a dress that can work for day or a casual night event. Then, throw in a swimsuit and a gym outfit. For shoes, you can't go wrong with white Converse and a flat sandal.

Cold Weather

For a cold weather trip, the key is cozy. For days out and at home, pack a solid knit as well as a more festive sweater and a simple, striped t-shirt. For peak cozy, add a thick cardigan. For bottoms, a pair of leggings and high-waisted jeans will do. Then, be sure to take a coat like this one from Moncler which works both for outdoor activities and for dressier events. Pack a semi-formal, festive dress, too. For days at home, have a pair of flannel pajamas, cozy camp socks, and fluffy slippers. As for shoes, I recommend a chic snow boot, a pair of heels, and a loafer.