Winter Survival Guide

People always cringe when I get excited about winter. Sure, it isn't my favorite thing in the world to have my nose freeze like an ice-cube or to have to scrape my windshield every morning, but all of the cozy, festive things about winter make up for it. Plus, I've come up with strategies that are outlined below in my winter survival guide for your reference.

Prepare Your Home

Start by transforming your space into one that is fit for a cozy hibernation. Stock up on scented and unscented candles, cozy blankets, and necessities like an electric blanket, snow shovel, lock de-icer, firewood, and more. I also recommend that you use a humidifier each night to add moisture to the air and prevent illness. Make sure that your flue is clean and that you have bottled water and non-perishable food on hand in case of a snowstorm.

Stock Up on Entertainment

Once the necessities are taken care of, begin stockpiling books, movies, magazines, and games to keep you entertained when you're stuck indoors. Stay tuned for a full post on winter books and movies, but in the meantime focus on cozy, comfort movies and books that evoke feelings of winter such as Anna Karenina. 

Stay Hydrated

Regular use of a humidifier can help to keep your skin, hair, and body hydrated during the winter months but also be sure to update your beauty routine to reflect these new issues. I suggest a heavy moisturizer like Creme de la Mer or Avene Hydrance Optimale, plus a facial oil, lip balm, and full body moisturizer. Be sure to keep drinking a lot of water and continue applying sunscreen, especially when it snows.

Stay Warm

Staying warm is the key to surviving and enjoying winter. When you're at home, cozy up in a pair of warm pajamas and camp socks. At night, sleep under an electric blanket on low and always have a fire burning in the fireplace. When you take a bath, add a warming oil like the Susanne Kaufmann winter oil bath and, throughout the day, keep a cup of hot tea on hand to combat the cold. 

Expose Yourself to Light

The winter's lack of light can be so damaging to our moods. While I'm fortunately not affected by SAD, I can be irritated or disappointed by the fact that the sun has completely disappeared by the time I'm leaving work each day. It almost makes you feel as though there is no option other than to go straight to bed which, of course, isn't the best option when it's only 7 pm. Exposure yourself to light throughout the day as much as possible---go for walks during the workday and spend time outside on the weekends even if it is cold. Another option is to invest in something like the Lumie, which creates natural looking light indoors.

Enjoy It

The easiest way to survive winter is to be positive and enjoy it! Pay attention to the cozy decorations, the lights, and the holiday cheer. Drink and eat things that taste like winter, watch festive movies, play winter sports, and enjoy getting to wear beautiful clothes without sweating through them. By the time spring comes around, you'll be ready for warm weather but you won't feel so awful throughout the cold months.