The Crown on Netflix

I'm quite the shameless fan of the British monarchy and have been for some time. I remember watching all of the Jubilee celebrations on TV as well as the televised coverage of Prince George's birth, reading tons of books about the Queen, Prince Phillip, the grandsons, and of course Kate Middleton. So, when I saw the trailer for Netflix's new series The Crown, I couldn't wait until it was released.

The day came and I was sad because the first episode was rather boring! But it was a Saturday, so I pressed on and watched episode two which immediately hooked me. Not only were the performances just incredible, but the cinematography (particularly when it comes to the Great Smog episode) and the subtle way they handled political discourse and the ramifications of even the slightest decisions was wonderfully different than any other film or television series that I've seen. It's higher quality and weightier than Downtown Abbey, but much gentler and arguably more substantial than House of Cards. 

Caroline's thoughts mirrored mine:

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have you watched The Crown?