5 Things I Ditched in 2016

Watching all of the Best Picture nominees.
Now, this wasn't intentional nor is it something I necessarily ditched for good. My tradition for the past few years has been to spend the year researching which films will be nominated for the Oscar and seeing them all before the show, usually before the nominations even come out. In 2016, I didn't do that. Not really sure why, but I didn't even see one of the films that will likely be nominated. I'd like to bring the tradition back soon, but I'm not sure if I will for 2017 because, honestly, it's rather expensive. 

Buying magazines.
I used to love buying a magazine almost every time I went to the grocery store. I'm a fiend for content, so just imagining what was beyond the cover was like a drug to me. Ultimately, the magazines would form a pile on my dining room table when I opted to read books or do something else instead. So, the time finally came and I have stopped buying magazines. Now, I'll just stick to reading magazines at places like News Bar Cafe in Union Square which stocks all sorts of material.

Purchasing primarily from fast fashion retailers.
This is not to say that I won't buy a pair of Zara shoes or an accessory from H&M every once in awhile, but I've gone ahead and stopped looking at the websites altogether. The negative impact of fast fashion really hit me. Instead, I've added a line to my budget so that I'm saving a bit of money each month to buy fewer, better quality items. Since starting this, I've pared down my clothes buying habit and have only purchased a cashmere turtleneck from Everlane and a pair of high-waist jeans from Madewell. 

Feeling totally perplexed by meal planning and grocery shopping.
For the longest time, I would get so overwhelmed by the thought of putting together a grocery list. It was totally weird. I couldn't figure out what to buy or what to make that was healthy, affordable, and sounded appealing (there are times when literally nothing sounds good to me). I would get frustrated because my produce would get soggy and slimy, my bread would get moldy before I could finish it all, and everything I brought to work just seemed disgusting by lunchtime (still kind of a problem, actually). More recently, I think I've gotten the hang of it and now know the amount of food I need to buy so that I have options but nothing rots before I can get to it. I've also been able to find more recipes that sound good and that are still edible by lunch.

Watching TV shows and movies that are bad for my mood.
I'm the type of person who is really sensitive to my environment and to the kinds of things I consume. So, I've made the simple decision to stop watching things as soon as they put me in a bad mood even if they're critically acclaimed or everyone else is watching them. Because honestly, Westworld is just depressing.