10 Instant Pick-Me-Ups

Like many people, I've found myself going through a range of emotions lately from frustrated to disappointed to annoyed and even a bit nervous. It's actually been kind of weird for me to write blog posts about makeup and clothes when, right now, my thoughts are really centered around the ways I need to get involved with the causes that are vital to the progression of our country and our earth. But, we're in the midst of very strange times and now more than ever, I think we all are in need of some pick-me-ups, so here are some of the things I like to do when I need a mental/physical break from the nonsense.

Do an at-home facial steam and clay mask.
During the times that I feel gross or exhausted, I love to do an easy, at-home facial steam. I don't currently have an actual steamer, so I simply fill a large bowl with a few drops of essential oils and fresh herbs, then add boiling water. Place your face over the bowl and cover your head with a towel for a super easy DIY steam. You can do the clay mask before, during, or after the steam but I suggest using the clay mask during so that it doesn't tighten your skin too much. Your skin will feel so clean and fresh afterwards that it's hard not to be in a better mood.

Watch Just Add Magic on Amazon Prime.
I started watching this show at the beginning of 2016 and fell in love with it. It's about three girls who find a magic cookbook with spells in the form of recipes. If you look at the Amazon comments, you'll see that there is a huge variation in the fan base from moms with young daughters to 68-year-old male retirees. The show is so calming but entertaining and I find that it has a subtle tone of female empowerment. It's all about friendship and the relationship between three girls and the three older women who owned the cookbook when they were girls. It's also the only show about and geared toward young girls that doesn't focus all of its storylines around crushes and mean girls.

Listen to 24k Magic.
I don't care who you are, this song is a mood lifter.

Listen to Muna.
This girl band is so good. They only have a few songs but they're all catchy and upbeat with a an 80s pop vibe. For a pick-me-up, I particularly love "I Know a Place" and "Loudspeaker" which, if you ask me, should be the female empowerment anthem.

Wear the fluffy yarn pants from Uniqlo.
Ever since I bought these fluffy yarn pants, I've been in a happy mood. They are so cozy and perfect, please buy a pair because it'll be one of your best decisions. 

Go to the salon or spa.
I go to an Aveda salon so every time I go for a service, even if it's just a brow wax, it feels like a mini spa day with tea, heated chairs, and a complimentary scalp or hand massage. I, of course, suggest going for a real spa day as a pick-me-up but at the very least, it's amazing to find a salon that makes every visit that relaxing. 

Play a chill video game.
I tend to cycle through games on my phone because they bore me after awhile, but playing a relaxing game (like Stack, Daily Celebrity Crossword, or Two Dots) is an easy pick-me-up. However, my go-to since elementary school has been playing various iterations of The Sims. I could honestly write a whole post about this. Maybe I will.

Plan a trip.
If you're doing this as a pick-me-up, perhaps refrain from portions of trip planning such as budgeting and logistics. Rather, just think about the places you'd like to go, where you want to stay, and what you'd like to do while you're there.

Make a fruit smoothie.
Find a blender and make an ice-cold fruit smoothie. If you're in the mood for chocolate, try banana, almond milk, and cherries with a little spoonful of cacao powder. If you want a full-on fruity smoothie, I love the combination of mango, pineapple, banana, spinach, and fresh squeezed orange juice.

Sit in a coffee shop.
To me, there's nothing better than spending a few hours in a cafe. Even if you're working on a project, it still manages to be relaxing.