3 Favorite Products from Christophe Robin


Have you guys tried any Christophe Robin products? They've accumulated in my bathroom over the years and I feel like now is a good time to talk about it! The brand seems to be a French girl staple of sorts which is, of course, what led me to initially order a bottle of clarifying shampoo. Ever since, I've tried several products from his line and have seen such great results. 

My 3 Favorite Products from Christophe Robin

The man himself says the philosophy is to be inspired by natural, ancestral recipes which is very clear in the products. The Clarifying Shampoo has cornflower and camomile which act as natural lightening agents. As this is a clarifying product, it works to cleanse your hair of residue and build-up but does so without any parabens, oxidants, ammonia, silicone, SLS, and colorants.

Another great product to try is the Cleansing Mask with Lemon which adds a great extra step to your hair routine on days when you have a little more time to pamper. This mask happens to be the brand's very first product, created in 1977. This product in particular is great for color-treated hair as it is formulated with an acidic pH that nourishes hair fibers and helps to maintain the color.

My all-time favorite Christophe Robin product is the Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. You guys, this product is amazing. It has a thick, grainy texture---you can actually feel the grains of sea salt---and smells amazing just like the ocean. Although it contains sea salt, it doesn't leave your hair with that rough texture you get after swimming in the sea. Instead, you massage it into your scalp and come out with the most lush, soft, and beautiful smelling hair which really lasts!