5 Hygge TV Shows


I know a lot of people are probably tired of hearing about hygge and I agree that the word has become a bit overexposed. However, I always say I've been doing hygge since birth so ultimately it's just the way I choose to operate and I base most of my decisions on the quest for hygge. Here are a few suggestions for hygge television series to keep things cozy this week.

The Crown
The opulent sets, high-brow conversation, and rich costumes evoke a warm feeling despite the apparent coldness of British politics.

The Killing / Forbrydelsen
The original Danish show Forbrydelsen is ideal (see: Sarah Lund sweater) but the American version The Killing is a good alternative. I guess the weird thing about hygge is that it doesn't necessarily connote joy. For instance, these shows are rather dark and, yes, they clearly revolve around murder (in a way not at all similar to tame British murder mysteries) but they're somehow cozy to watch because of the sweaters and the fog.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
In keeping with the dark theme, this series has an odd element of cozy because of its steampunk aesthetic and literary references.

Gilmore Girls
Because Stars Hollow is cozy beyond belief.

This Is Us
This could possibly be the most hygge show of all time. It has cozy sets, warm lighting, sentimental storylines, and incredibly likable characters. It's very timely that it should have premiered around the same time that hygge was gaining traction in the States.

What do you watch when you want to feel warm and cozy?