6 Ideas for Work & School Lunches


It's taken me a long time to build a small arsenal of lunch recipes that work for me. Most food doesn't travel very well and ends up being disappointing by lunch time. Luckily, in the past year and a half of post-grad life, I've come up with a few options that never disappoint.

Hummus Wrap + Grapes
Load up a whole grain or chia wrap with hummus, avocado, marinated artichokes, cucumbers, greens, and tomatoes for a fresh, sandwich-alternative. Serve with a side of grapes to balance out the savory and acidic flavors. 

Chick'n Sandwich + Side
A whole grain bun and a Quorn vegan chick'n patty topped with tomato, lettuce, and avocado or a pickle is an easy plant-based way to get your Chick-Fil-A fix. Pair the sandwich with a fresh side salad or homemade baked french fries. Serve with lemonade for optimal enjoyment.

Udon Stirfry + Naan
This makes a great leftover meal! Boil a few servings of udon noodles for 5-10 minutes then add to a pan or wok with tamari, broccoli, sweet corn, diced carrots, and marinated tofu. Portion out into meal prep containers and enjoy during the week with a small piece of naan on the side.

Brie Baguette + Salade Verte
This is one of my favorite lunches. Lightly toast a baguette or ciabatta roll then spread your favorite jam one side and butter on the other. Add a few slices of brie and allow to melt. You can also add a slice of Tofurky or turkey to the sandwich. On the side, have a green salad with romaine, endive, and your favorite homemade vinaigrette. 

Egg + Avocado Sandwich
Spread a thin layer of Earth Balance or butter on a thin sandwich round and add scrambled eggs mixed with feta. Layer a few slices of avocado and press down so that the cheese melts into the hot scrambled eggs. Serve with a side of fresh blueberries and a green smoothie.

Picnic Box + Cold Pressed Juice
Perhaps the easiest and most fun lunch of them all is a picnic box. Fill a bento box or several containers with a combination of cheese, fruit (grapes, apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, etc), chopped raw veggies, nuts, crackers and nut butter, and dark chocolate for a smorgasbord type lunch. Serve with a cold pressed juice from your favorite juicery.