the beauty addict gift guide

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How are you all doing with your holiday shopping? I know some people start shopping much earlier in the year but I feel like I always end up buying gifts around the end of November or early December because of all the great sales going on.

Having been in the beauty industry, a lot of my gifts to people in my life tend to be beauty-oriented. That's either because I used to get so many free products or because it's an area I know a lot about or just because most people enjoy a good beauty gift!

I'll be back in the coming weeks with three more gift guides for you but for now, if you're looking for the perfect beauty gift, whether it be classic or on-trend, this is the guide for you. It's broken down into three price ranges, but everything on the list is under $100. 


Under $20

Glossier Balm Dot Com
This is the kind of gift any beauty addict will keep on them at all times. Not only is it coveted in the beauty world, it's a great balm for your lips and cuticles plus there are several flavors to choose from. I'm partial to coconut.

L'Occitane Hand Cream
I personally think that everyone should carry a hand cream with them to use throughout the day because skin on the back of our hands is very thin which causes it to dry out quicker and age faster. The L'Occitane hand creams are luxurious and come in tons of different scents.

Philosophy Christmas Cookie Bubble Bath
Don't we all just dream of bubble baths around the holidays? The Christmas cookie scent from Philosophy is the perfect choice for the season as it's festive but warm and a universally loved smell.

Morphe 25A Copper Spice Palette
These palettes are commonly used by beauty YouTubers and can be found at a great price point. The Copper Spice palette is particularly great as a holiday gift because the colors are warm and work well for winter, but also transition well into bronzy summer looks.

Essie Nail Polish
If you're shopping at Target or Ulta, you can often find little sets of two or three polishes for under $20. I suggest gifting either a classic, neutral color like a soft pink or a bold, seasonal hue like burgundy.

Under $50

Glossier Body Hero Set
These products are new to the Glossier lineup, making it less likely that your recipient already has them. It consists of a body wash oil and a lotion, which you can buy separately but it's more economical to buy the set. The scent is amazing, with neroli and orange blossom that will make the shower smell like summer.

Kopari Coconut Melt
This is another product that was really big this year and that any beauty addict would be excited to receive. This is an organic coconut oil made specifically with beauty in mind as opposed to a typical kitchen coconut oil. This is great to use on dry winter skin as a body oil or on the ends of the hair.

Sephora Sheet Mask Collection
Who doesn't love a good sheet mask? When they're cooped up during the winter, your beauty addict will likely be sheet masking and watching Netflix, so this gift will keep them stocked. The set contains the six bestselling Sephora Collection sheet masks: algae, pearl, orchid, avocado, pomegranate, and lotus.

Pursoma Hot Tub Bath Soak
Another thing a lot of us are doing during the winter is taking long, hot baths and this product is the perfect addition. This particular soak is made to relieve symptoms of winter-related ailments like chest and sinus congestion, body aches, and poor circulation. Plus, it's made entirely of just a few, clean and cruelty-free ingredients. 

Tarte Brush Set from Sephora
This set of makeup brushes from Tarte will definitely please your makeup loving friends. Anyone who is into makeup has a thing for finding a great brush and this limited edition set contains five of them: cheek, complexion, highlighter, shading eyeshadow, and blending eyeshadow.

Under $100

Drybar Gift Card
Going to Drybar is one of those things that's fun and luxurious to do, but that you don't really want to spend the extra money on most of the time. Thus, it makes for the perfect gift. 

Yves Durif Brush
Much like the Mason Pearson, the Yves Durif brushes have become one of those cult-y, status items in the beauty world that also serve a real function. Plus, it's a little less pricey than Mason Pearson but still gorgeous.

Diptyque Candle
A Diptyque candle is a no-brainer, perfect gift. We're all trying to be hygge this winter and candles are a necessity. I recommend Feu de Bois because it smells just like a beautiful, roaring fire which makes sense because the name translates directly to 'wood fire'. 

Slip Pillow Case
Most of us beauty addicts have either already or are trying to get our hands on a good silk pillowcase after reading about all the benefits for your skin and hair. Slip is the original, go-to silk pillowcase and also falls into that category of luxuries we don't often treat ourselves to.