5 Ways to Practice Minimalism

One of my biggest goals for the new year is to continue and also expand my practice of minimalism. As I slowly work through the process, I have been keeping these five ideas in mind.

Purge your belongings.
The easiest way to begin practicing minimalism is to do a full purge of your belongings so that you can have a sense of starting fresh. Go through your space, room-by-room, and essentially get rid of anything you don't love or that doesn't serve a purpose. The easiest places to begin are the storage bins you haven't opened all year. 

Create organizational systems.
Developing a system for holding yourself accountable can be a great help in practicing minimalism. One example is for every item you buy, you must get rid of one item that you already own. 

Adopt zero waste techniques.
It's certainly a big endeavor to go completely zero waste, but adopting a few techniques can make a huge difference. A simple swap could be buying a set of mesh produce bags to use at the grocery instead of the plastic bags provided. Some other easy ideas include using a microfiber cloth for cleaning instead of paper towels, using a glass water bottle, and re-purposing old clothes.

Focus on quality.
The adage of quality over quantity is key. Rather than buying dish sets for every season and piles of fast fashion pieces, try to spend more money on less items. This way, your pieces will last much longer and you will ultimately get more "bang for your buck", so to speak. This is not only the economical choice, but also the environmentally conscious choice. 

Have a vision.
Decide very specifically on the aesthetic of your life and strictly reject anything object that doesn't fit your chosen aesthetic. Into Mind has great resources on developing your wardrobe aesthetic and the same principles can be applied to home decor. I recommend that you go as far as creating a color palette that you rarely stray from. When you stick to a specific aesthetic, it's much easier to be discerning with the items you purchase.