8 Closet Additions for Fall

When thinking about pieces to pick up for this fall, my mind goes directly to a few specific trends. The first is head-to-toe red, which most of us probably won't be trying out so, instead I'm thinking about incorporating a few bold, red pieces like an Isabel Marant sweater and a pair of shiny, red statement boots.

The next is fluted sleeves, a trend I've been riding for years as it's one of my very favorite silhouettes. I like the idea of a very simple, cream or white fluted sleeve blouse to balance out the warmer colors and textures that come with fall. 

I'm all about a cozy faux fur coat and I love this one in blush pink to incorporate some extreme femininity into the typically masculine fall looks. Another option is a faux fur bag. There are some great options at Topshop if you're looking to add a simple, inexpensive trend to an otherwise classic look. I want to carry that blush pink fur bag while wearing my dark-wash Madewell skinny jeans and a classic white button-down.

Finally, the 70s are the trend that won't stop showing up and I'm starting to really embrace the warm colors and textures, particularly when it comes to shoes. I really like a mustard, velvet slide for fall to pair with a floral maxi dress or flowing blouse.