9 Pool Bag Essentials for Summer


I always have this idea in my head that the perfect day is spent at the pool with a magazine followed by being served a delicious sandwich and french fries in a cabana nearby. Even without french fries, a day at the pool tends to be a good one. However, it does take some preparation. I'm always careful to pack all of the pool bag essentials and fun things in order to have the best time possible and stay healthy in the sun.

9 Pool Bag Essentials for Summer

Magazine - Even if you plan on swimming, you've got to have some sort of reading material in order to have the perfect pool day. I'm obviously a book person, but sometimes a pool day just calls for a magazine. I fondly remember reading giant issues of W magazine on really hot days by the pool when I lived in Florida and these days, I also like Town and Country, Fortune, Harper's Bazaar, and of course Vogue. 

Sunscreen - The single most important pool bag essential is a good, high-quality sunscreen. With the sparkling water and white hot pool deck, it's so easy to get a sunburn at the pool. I know a lot of people find sunscreen to be incredibly annoying, but we beauty girls know that you can make it luxurious. Find one you love so you feel like you're being pampered when you protect your skin.

Sunglasses - Not only do you look cute and make a statement in your sunglasses, but they're important for protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays. The bigger the frame, the better in my opinion.

Drink - Pack a cute tumblr filled with ice water so you don't get dehydrated from being in the sun all day. You can also pack a fun summer drink or even just pop a few frozen berries in your water.

Lip Sunscreen - On top of your usual face and body sunscreen, try to apply a good lip product with SPF to protect your lips from burning. There are plenty of great options, like the Fresh lipsticks, with sun protection that are cute and don't seem like a typical sun chapstick.

Towels - I like to pack two towels for the pool, one to lay on and one to cover up with when I get out of the water because I tend to be cold for the first few minutes. There are so many cute towel options out there, but I love ones that are aesthetically appealing and kind of cheeky.

Sandals -I know we can all relate to memories of the excruciating pain of walking on a hot pool deck with bare feet. Don't forget to pack a pair of sandals, preferably a flip-flop that looks cute but can also get wet without being ruined, so you don't burn your feet.

Wide Brim Hat - To me, there's nothing more chic than a girl in the sun with a wide-brim hat and Old Hollywood sunglasses. Pretend you're at one of those classic French piscines and wear a wide-brim sunhat to protect your face and to look mysterious. 

Facial Mist - I always pack a facial mist in my bag when I'm outside on a hot day so that I can give myself a spritz when the sun is beating down on me. The perfect spray for the pool is the Herbivore After Sun Mist which contains cooling mint and lavender to soothe sun drenched skin.