a few iphone photos from lately + a vlog

The past few weeks have been so much fun! I've been exploring a lot of the holiday sales and pop-up shops around the city and overall, just continuing to get settled in as I've entered my second month living in the city. 

I do have a second vlog for you guys today (which was really fun to shoot on my new iPhone 8 plus), but I also wanted to share some random photos from my phone. You may have seen some of them on my Instagram story, but I'll provide a little background information.

Hope you guys are doing well! 



I spent the morning at Drybar in Tribeca a few weeks ago! My hair hadn't been looking very good for a little while. I have no idea what was going on, but there were tons of cowlicks, zero volume, and it just felt awful. I was forced to put it up in a topknot or a ponytail everyday which was ultimately making the situation worse, so I booked an emergency blowout.

I love Drybar. Who doesn't? It's bright and pretty and smells great, plus you're drinking a flute of champagne while you get your hair washed. Nothing can beat that! I got the Old Fashioned, which is a newer style described as "old Hollywood waves" and was right up my alley. 


During the blow dry, they were playing Elf which leads me to believe that Drybar can truly do no wrong. I left feeling so much better that my hair looked and felt great. Plus, it's been cooperating ever since so getting that blowout was definitely the move. 

Also, how cute is this sweater-vest combo from Francesca's?

After my blow dry, I went to Chelsea Market for lunch. I had been dying to try the Impossible Burger, a veggie burger that's supposed to be as close to real meat as possible, and found out they made them at Creamline. I ordered it with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and ketchup (I'm a purist), a side of fries, and a rootbeer. It was heaven!

I actually still can't believe it was a veggie burger. I've had a ton of different veggie burgers in my life and none of them even came close to how good this one was. It's even pink on the inside! 

The same day, I stopped in at Anthropologie. Guys, the store at Chelsea Market is the absolute best one. It's huge and has a really large selection of home items, which is my favorite section of Anthropologie. After smelling about a million candles, I stumbled upon the cutest monogram mug in the sale section for $5.95, but it ended up ringing up for only $4.50. So exciting!

I also recently stopped at J.Crew in Williamsburg to pick up some furry slippers I ordered online. Then, I came home and immediately changed into leggings, a t-shirt, and a cozy Lou & Grey cardigan (similar) plus my new slippers. I took off my makeup with my favorite coconut wipes from Sephora and had a cup of tea in my new mug!


I tried on the cutest white turtleneck at H&M uptown! The one I tried on was too big but the line for the fitting rooms was long and I didn't want to bother trying on a small, so I left without it. By the time I got downtown, I couldn't stop thinking about it so I popped into the store at Union Square and, of course, they didn't have a small and it's sold out online! :(

Also, I was working in DUMBO last week and got to enjoy Main Street Park when it was empty during the day!


Finally, I ran into Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio while they were in the city this past weekend! They're both super sweet and adorable, so it was a fun surprise.