A Quick Outdoor Workout Routine


These days, I do most of my workouts (aside from running) at home in my living room. But sometimes it's nice to get outside and use the outdoors as your gym, especially in the summer! There's all sorts of moves you can adapt to perform outside, but here are five of my favorites to incorporate into a quick outdoor workout.

Sprints - 30 seconds
I like to alternate between a strength move and a quick sprint. Find an open, preferably flat stretch of sidewalk or grass long enough for about a thirty second sprint. After warming up with a walk and some dynamic stretching, sprint for thirty seconds then switch to a strengthening move. After completing your strengthening move, do another sprint and so on. 

Tree Sit - 40 seconds
This is just like a basic wall sit except you're using a tree trunk instead of a wall! Simple. Place your back flat against the tree trunk with your knees at ninety degrees (just like you're sitting in a chair) and hold for forty seconds or until your muscles are fatigued. Not only will this help you to cool down from your sprint, but it's great for strengthening your core and building endurance in your quads, calves, and glutes. 


Side Skaters - 60 seconds
Skaters are one of my favorite exercises because they're honestly so much fun and perfect to do outside where you have lots of space. Start in a squat position, then simply jump to the left, bringing your right leg behind the left just like a speed skater. Then, jump back to the right side with your left leg behind. Try to jump as wide as you can and do this for about sixty seconds.

Park Bench Step Up  - about 60 seconds
Step-ups are a great exercise for your glutes but they can be hard to do if you work out at home and don't have a sturdy surface to work with. Luckily, park benches are great for this. Stand facing the bench and bring one leg up onto the seat with your knee at ninety degrees. Step up onto the bench and lift your opposite leg in front of you at ninety degrees. Step down and alternate for two sets of ten on each side. Add dumbbells if you'd like!


Park Bench Elevated Lunge - about 60 seconds
Stand with your back to the bench and place one foot on the seat with the pressure on your big toe. Drop down so that the leg on the ground is in a ninety degree position. Do two sets of ten on each side, then sprint.

Repeat this sequence as many times as you'd like. Three times through should be about 15-20 minutes depending on how fast you're moving. 

Tell me about your favorite outdoor workouts!