A Relaxed Day at Home


While it's always fun to be out and about at your favorite places in town or discovering new ones, sometimes the absolute best days are the simple, relaxing days at home. Whenever I go home to Florida on vacation, those are the best kinds of days. Of course, I love going outside for a swim in the pool or spending a few hours at the beach, but I always feel most comfortable in my comfy loungewear watching movies and eating a fancy snack.

Caroline got me a tin of Piccadilly Lemon Curd Biscuits from Fortnum & Mason which were the perfect pairing for a cup of sweet, Earl Grey tea and a 150th Anniversary issue of Harper's Bazaar. My mom and I also had our favorite snack, Barefoot Contessa's Herbed Goat Cheese spread on little toasted crostini with sparkling drinks.

I think every relaxed day at home warrants a movie and the best movies for the occasion are classic, feminine ones. My go-to picks tend to be Midnight in Paris, Marie Antoinette, either of the Vogue documentaries, or anything Miyazaki. 

Of course, your level of cozy depends mostly on what you're wearing. I'm definitely a pajama set kind of girl. I feel most comfortable when I'm wearing something pretty like a fluffy white robe or a matching pink pajama set.