Afternoon Reading - 3.6.17


Happy Monday, everyone! I'm super sore from yesterday's workout (my quads and hamstrings are screaming) but I'm wearing a new blouse that I bought over the weekend---I've been searching for the perfect one for months---and have a lovely new haircut, so all is well. Since it's Monday, here's some reading to get you through the afternoon:

Noma has promoted its former dishwasher, a Gambian immigrant to Denmark, to the position of partial owner. Amazing story

Self put together a list of seven face masks you can make at home. I love a good honey mask, but I'm eager to try the avocado one as well!

Glamour shared some great tips for looking better in your clothes by nailing the fit. 

Reika from Front Row Beauty reviewed three shades of Mac's Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick. I love Lady Be Good. Which do you like best?

From Darling Magazine, here's seven ways you can produce less trash.