Afternoon Reading {No. 3}

Is everyone having a good day so far? Something weird is going on with my Macbook's disk drive, so I'm going to the Genius Bar today to get it looked over. Fingers crossed I don't have to spend a billion dollars to repair it or buy a new one! On the bright side, I had the best 45 minute conversation with an Apple Care representative yesterday evening which made the situation so much less stressful. It was strange, actually. Who knew that something as annoying as your laptop breaking could lead to having a really meaningful conversation with a stranger? On another bright note, I've booked a weekend trip for this July that I am so excited about. Not only will it be really fun and relaxing for me, but it will also allow me to create some really fun content to share!

On a side note, I'm working on categorizing past blog posts so that they are easily accessible in the navigation bar at the top of the blog. Those links will be a little messy for awhile, but they'll eventually be really helpful!

Anyway sometimes I see something wonderful on the internet and just have to share it on the blog, so I've really enjoyed doing these sporadic afternoon round-up posts every so often. Here's a few things I've found recently:

- I absolutely loved this post from Darling Magazine entitled "How to Wait (For Anything) Well". It was probably one of the best reads I've stumbled upon in quite some time and it, of course, reminds me of "Wait For It" from the Hamilton soundtrack.

- Ingrid Nilsen posted a video about getting a good night's sleep. I'm a big fan of magnesium powder for relaxation, so I was excited to try her idea to combine Sleepytime tea with magnesium powder. 

- My favorite art pieces tend to be whimsical and have fairytale elements, so I was excited to see Lucila Biscione's work on The Jealous Curator.

- I'm obsessed with Rachel's blue Marc Fisher espadrilles in this post.

- The Glitter Guide published their April must-read list and gave several great recommendations. I'm most excited to read The Price of Illusion and Captivate (because God knows we all want to be able to work the room).

Have a wonderful Tuesday!