autumnal home fragrance haul


I try to be casual in expressing my fondness for fall, but the truth is that my passion for the season is pretty unbridled. Just the sight of pumpkins, the scent of caramel, and the thought of tall stacks of old books give me heart palpitations. So, it's no surprise that I'm here today with a haul of autumn-inspired home fragrance.

My mom and I went to White Barn to stock up on fall scent essentials and I swear I could have lived in the store. The merchandising was so beautiful! The black walls were a perfect backdrop for their pumpkin stand set up and the candles placed underneath beautiful, glass cloches. 

We started by stocking up on wallflowers for around the house. There were a ton of beautiful smelling scent choices, but we ended up with Cranberry Woods, Pumpkin Apple, and a few Cinnamon. If you don't already have a wallflower, I highly recommend them! You just plug the holder into an electric socket and can switch out the scents as you wish. They do a really good job at keeping your space constantly filled with fragrance.

We also got a few room sprays, my favorite being Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. This product is super concentrated so it only takes one spritz to fill the room and this scent makes it smell like you're cooking a perfect fall breakfast. We also got a simple Vanilla Bean spray which is a classic choice that always smells good.


We also picked up a selection of hand soaps. I feel like hand soap is often underrated or ignored even though, when selected properly, they can rival candles as the reigning star of home fragrance. We use our hand soap multiple times everyday, so it's an easy way to incorporate seasonal fragrance into your home.

We chose Sunkissed Citrus Honey for the kitchen, which may not seem like the most autumnal scent but it's warm with a hint of lemon which is great for the room it will go in. We also chose a classic Pumpkin Cupcake and a Birchwood & Juniper soap which will transition really well into the winter months. But, my favorite of the ones we bought is Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte which incorporates three popular fall scents into one product. It smells so good, I've been washing my hands nonstop. 

Finally, the pièce de résistance: the Maple Bourbon three-wick candle. Both my mom and I are not fans of bourbon at all, so I didn't expect to like this scent when I sampled it at the store. I was so wrong! It smells just like a bottle of maple syrup. Once lit, it only takes a few minutes to fill the entire room.

I'm so pleased with the scents we chose! I think we have a good balance of sweet/syrupy and crisp/fresh and all of the smells throughout the house are so relaxing and evocative of everything autumnal.