bookshelf: cozy winter reads


Happy December, everyone! We're approaching peak holiday season and I hope you're all getting as cozy and festive as I'm trying to. Most people talk all about fall being the ultimate season for reading and, in theory, I agree but when you really think about it: winter is the season for staying in with books and hot drinks. 

It's getting dark out earlier, the temperatures are dropping and that means more time spent at home. Here are eight cozy, winter reads to enjoy this season!

murder on the orient express by agatha christie
With the new film adaptation in theaters, now is the perfect time to read this classic. Set on a train in winter, famed detective Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of a millionaire passenger and must find out which of the train's passengers is the killer.

the royal we by heather cocks and jessica morgan
I love this book as a cozy, winter read because it has a sort of 'juicy' plot, so to speak, and is pretty low key and relaxing. Loosely inspired by William and Kate's story, this book follows American college student Bex as she goes to study at Oxford and meets/falls in love with the heir to the British throne.

one station away by olaf olafsson
This story follows three women in the life of New York City neurologist Magnus: an overlooked pianist, an elusive dancer, and a mysterious comatose patient. This novel, which releases this Tuesday, December 5th, sounds like a beautifully written story perfect for a snowy day. Even more interesting, the author is the EVP at Time Warner. 

the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald
There's something dreamy about Gatsby that makes it both perfect for summer and winter. I'd recommend this as a great read around New Years. The champagne, sparkling lights, lavish parties, and existential thought is perfect for this time of year. 

winter garden by kristin hannah
From the author of The Nightingale, this book follows two sisters who took very different paths in life but reunite when their father falls ill. On his deathbed, their father tells them a Russian fairytale they've heard since they were children, but this time it tells the true story of their mother's upbringing in Leningrad.

rebecca by daphne du maurier
A woman receives a proposal in Monaco from a wealthy widower named Maxim de Winter, who sweeps her away to his estate in England. There, she is haunted by the presence of her husband's late wife, Rebecca. I also recommend the Hitchcock film adaptation for a cold, stormy night.

the goldfinch by donna tartt
While The Secret History is the perfect fall book, The Goldfinch is perfect for winter. It's a long, sweeping story that takes the main character Theo from the aftermath of a terrorist attack in New York City to a friend's house on Park Avenue, his father in Las Vegas, and Amsterdam. The whole story centers around a painting and art stories always feel very wintery.

seven days of us by francesca hornak
A family gathers to spend Christmas at their country estate Weyfield Hall. When one of the family members arrives after treating a epidemic overseas, the entire family is forced into quarantine. This is the perfect read if you love wealthy, dysfunctional family holiday stories like I do.