Bookshelf: Fashion Reads

Sometimes, you just need a good fashion book to read over a weekend or on vacation. That's not to say that all fashion books are fluff because that's definitely not true but, for me at least, there's always something comforting about reading about fashion. Here's eight ideas for the next time you get the urge!

The Price of Illusion by Joan Juliet Buck
This memoir by the former editor of French Vogue is one of the most substantive fashion memoirs I've come across as it discusses her transition from the fantasy world of fashion into the reality of her post-Vogue life. 

An Innocent Fashion by R.J. Hernandez
Before writing this novel, Hernandez worked as a stylist for magazines like Vogue and W which informed the book's story about an Ivy League graduate who goes to work for and becomes disillusioned by a fashion magazine. 

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
While the plot doesn't necessarily revolve around fashion, it plays a huge part in the lives of the characters who routinely order shipments of custom couture to reinvent their wardrobes each season. 

The Cool Factor by Andrea Linett
This is one of my favorite how-to fashion books. Linett is a great stylist and has a lot of good tips for styling your looks in that nonchalant, European kind of way.

Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas
Of all the Parisian style books out there, this one is my favorite. It showcases how different every Parisian's style is from the next rather than rehashing the same old striped t-shirt and loafers combination we've seen before.

The Asylum: True Tales of Madness from a Life in Fashion by Simon Doonan
I'd be remiss if I did not include the legendary Simon Doonan's book on this list. Barney's creative ambassador Doonan shares stories about all of the weird, crazy, and nonsensical things that one only encounters in the fashion industry.

Grace by Grace Coddington
If you haven't read our queen Grace Coddington's memoir yet, please exit this blog and do so now. Not only does it look gorgeous on your table, it really captures what a unique soul Grace is. 

Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer
Ok, so this book certainly isn't a modern classic but it's light and funny, good for summer vacation. It's a semi-autobiographical novel from socialite Tinsley Mortimer about a character named Minty Davenport (*praying hands emoji*) who moves to Manhattan and becomes a socialite after being photographed for Women's Wear Daily.

What are your favorite fashion books?