Creating My Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it's time to switch out your spring/summer wardrobe for fall/winter. I'm a big fan of the capsule wardrobe, especially since I'm officially moving to New York at the start of November and will have limited space for clothes. Here are my four tips for creating a solid fall/winter capsule wardrobe. 

Find your formulas.
Of course, everything starts with inspiration. In the beginning stages of starting a capsule, I think about the outfits I love to wear as well as beautiful looks I've seen on other people. Usually, it's easy to identify patterns in the things you like so that you're able to determine simple formulas. Once you have identified a few outfit formulas, you've created the foundation of your fall/winter wardrobe. With that, it's easier to put looks together and to figure out what you're missing.

For instance, my fall/winter outfit formulas are:

1) Sweater + Skinny Jean + Ankle Boot
2) Coat + Blouse + Skinny Jean + Ankle Boot
3) Top/Sweater + Trousers + Pumps/Flats
4) Dress + Coat + Tights

Take inventory.
Once I had an outline of the looks I'm trying to put together for the season, I went through my existing wardrobe to take inventory of which items I already have. For instance, I already have a good amount of sweaters, skinny jeans, and ankle boots so I don't need to focus on acquiring those items.

Style specific outfits.
Next, I went ahead and started styling outfits according to my formulas using the pieces I already own. I recommend taking photos of these outfits (either on you or just laid out together) so that you have your own look book on hand. Seeing the outfits laid out in front of you will not only give you ideas for what to wear, but it will also help even more to see what specific pieces you're missing. For instance, if during your inventory stage you realized you don't have enough coats, laying out looks might help you realize you're specifically missing a black peacoat or a green bomber jacket.

Fill in the empty spaces.
Finally, fill in the gaps in your wardrobe determined by the previous steps. Fortunately, my capsule isn't missing very much so I'm only on the hunt for a few items for fall and winter. Specifically, I'm looking for a pile/teddy/shearling coat, a black floral blouse, a black beret, and a tan/neutral scarf as well as basics such as wool tights.