Definition of Young Sophisticate

As I begin a new year of blogging, I wanted to take a quick moment to define what my blog name means to me and how I aim to reflect that meaning in my content. The word sophisticate itself can refer to a degree of complexity or possessing a great deal of worldliness or reflecting educated taste. While the former often refers to machines or technology, I think it applies to humans just as much as the latter descriptions. 

Possessing sophistication is, of course, related to literature, film, music, current events, history, and more but I think it goes beyond that. One can be well-read and educated without necessarily being considered sophisticated. That's where the complexity comes in---a sophisticated person may carry many contradictions. Just like high/low fashion, they may be seen one week with a copy of a Tolstoy novel and the next week hosting a viewing party for the premiere of The Bachelorette. 

The point, in my eyes, is that, to be considered sophisticated, one must do everything with confidence. Ultimately, to be well-rounded is to possess sophistication so that's what I aim to portray in my content here on the blog.