DIY Marbled Soap Project


I saw this marbled soap DIY on a crafting blog awhile bag and immediately coordinated with my mom so that we could try it out when I came home for vacation. I thought it was so pretty and, although I'm not very crafty, knew that my mom could probably make something really cool. 

We started by melting cubes of plain, shea soap in the microwave until we had bowls upon bowls of melted soap. You have to work quickly, though, because the soap will begin to harden not long after its been melted. We mixed in the food coloring to two of the bowls and left the other white, but mixed in essential oils to each. 

Then, we poured both colors into the soap mold and tried our best to keep the colors separated without real dividers. You then use a little popsicle stick to blend the soap gently until a marble effect is created. I thought I would mess it up but it was actually quite easy! Then, you just let the soap sit in the mold for a few hours before cutting it into smaller pieces.

We struggled to get the right shade of true charcoal for the black-and-white effect, but actually ended up with the prettiest shade of mermaid blue that I like better anyway! As for the scent, we were inspired by our favorite Aveda products and decided to use a blend of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. The scent is so clean and it's relaxing yet invigorating at the same time.

This was such a fun project to do with my mom and surprisingly easy! I will say buying the supplies made it a pricier project, but the essential oils and soap mold can be used again. Plus, one bar of Tom Ford soap is only slightly less expensive than all of the materials we bought to make around ten bars of natural soap.