the weekend list no. 25


Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Do you guys usually open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? I feel like I always opened one on Christmas Eve and the rest in the morning, but I'm always curious about other people's traditions. 

I hope you're all cozy at home today for the holiday weekend, ideally wearing camp socks under a throw blanket with a hot drink and holiday movies on a loop. Since we're all relaxing at home for the long weekend, I have quite a few links to share with you guys today.

Casey Neistat really outdid himself this year, teaming up with Samsung to turn an abandoned mall into a winter wonderland for kids from the Boys & Girls Club. So fun! If you feel like having a good cry, here's your chance. 

At work, we were talking about Norilsk, Russia which is one of the coldest cities in the world and also one of the most environmentally dangerous. So, we ended up finding this fascinating article about what it's like there. Apparently, kids jump off the roofs for fun because the wind carries them, so yeah that's a thing.

My friends and I went to Marie's Crisis in the West Village last weekend which was a great way to spend a festive December night. It's an historic piano bar where everyone drinks and sings show tunes, so I got to perform a medley of songs from Les Mis. Fun fact: the bar is located in the basement of the home where Thomas Paine died. 

The Coveteur published this article a few weeks ago about how much their editors spend on holiday gifts. One of the editors, Katie Becker, mentioned a tradition I really liked. She and her family don't buy each other gifts: "Now we each plan something to read aloud and go around the living room sharing poems, articles, song lyrics, and book chapters." I think this is such a fun idea!

Good for Catt Sadler. Know your worth, everyone. I will say this: I love Jason Kennedy's wife Lauren (she has a very inspiring story and does a lot of great philanthropic work), but I really, really wish she would have been more supportive of Catt. I don't believe any rational person was blaming Jason for this situation, so her defensive response kind of just reflected poorly on her. Still love you, Lauren (if by some odd chance she reads this lol), but you have to know this situation wasn't right.

Kelly hosted the cutest Wine & Wrap Party with a philanthropic twist. Each guest brought a gift to wrap as well as a $30 (about the cost of a bottle of wine) donation to Tirzah International. I love everything about this party concept and hope to host one next year! 

If you're looking for a magical album this weekend to keep the holiday spirit high, I highly recommend Hillsong's Christmas: The Peace Project. It's so good! There are classic Christmas songs as well as some originals I love. "Seasons" might be my new favorite song for the season.

H&M has the cutest range of sweaters right now. I like this one, this one, and this one (as seen on my Instagram). 

Hope you all have a happy holiday weekend!