Elevating Your Next Vacation

I am so excited to be in the early planning stages of a dream trip to Bali, Indonesia. For awhile, I couldn't make up my mind when it came to selecting a trip destination but signs kept appearing telling me it had to be Bali. Not only is Bali arguably the most beautiful place on Earth, but it's also surprisingly affordable and perfect for a relaxing, self-care trip.

My real budget for a fourteen day trip is $2,500. I know this sounds pretty low for a two week trip across the world, but this amount will actually allow for a very comfortable vacation. Here is a quick breakdown of my realistic budget.

My Actual Budget
$2,500 USD
14 Days in Ubud, Bali

Flight - $850
This is a round-trip ticket from JFK to Denpasar in economy on Qatar Airways. I am specifically choosing this airline with the intention of spending a 7-8 hour layover at the airport in Doha.

Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center at Hamad International Airport - $50
My primary reason for flying Qatar Airways is that I plan on spending several hours at the airport in Doha in order to take advantage of their incredible airport spa facility. The flight from New York to Bali is 20+ hours, so a spa break will be welcomed. I'd spend the time in the pool and gym in addition to taking a hot shower and using some face masks in the spa facility to refresh myself in between the long flights.

Accommodation - $650 for 14 days
The plan is to stay in a private Airbnb villa (with a private pool!) with two friends. These kinds of villas are around $100-$140 per night, amounting to approximately $650 in total per person for 14 days. It's incredible how much you can get for your money!

Spa Treatments - $60
You all know I love my spa and skin treatments, so I will definitely be taking advantage of the inexpensive treatments in Bali. I've been told to estimate about $15 for an hour long massage or facial, so I would get one massage and one facial per week. This would amount to $60.

Food - $500
There is a huge variety of food (and prices) in Bali, so I'll cover my bases by estimating $35 per day. I'm excited to eat tons of healthy, vegan meals and enjoy all of the great flavors from coconuts, fragrant spices, and fresh fruit.

Other - $500
My remaining $500 will be allocated to additional expenses such as transportation, paying for experiences like tours or cooking classes, temple entry fees, shopping, and more. 

Like I said, it's amazing what an incredible trip to Bali can be planned on a budget of just $2,500. However, there are some ways to elevate your vacation should you have the opportunity to increase your budget. Just for fun, if I were to hypothetically add $10k to my existing budget, here are the three upgrades I would make.

Bonus Budget
$10,000 USD

Upgraded Airfare $5,000
My first action would be to upgrade my flight to business class. Qatar is known for having an incredible business class experience including private pods, amenities, and more. For such a long flight, a comfortable upgrade would be a really fun addition.

Hotel Stay - $4,700
My next change would be to spend my second week at a hotel instead of a villa. I would opt for the Four Seasons Bali at Sayan where a one-bedroom duplex suite would cost about $670 per night. I love the Four Seasons and think that a luxury hotel stay like this would be really special in Bali. 

Spa Experience - $300
Finally, I'd use the remaining money to treat myself to an incredible spa experience at The Four Seasons. I'm a huge fan of Four Seasons spas, so experiencing their usual incredible service paired with traditional Balinese elements would be a must-try for me. Ideally, I would opt for a traditional Balinese massage, a scrub, and some salon services.

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