Saturday Farmer's Market Trip


Sunglasses: Balenciaga (similar) | Top: Altar'd State (on sale) | Jeans: Madewell | Bag: L.L. Bean

Few things are more quintessentially summer than taking a morning trip to the farmer's market. I hadn't been in awhile, so my friend Ashley and I headed over on Saturday morning to explore for awhile before having a late breakfast.

The weather was perfectly sunny and warm when we got to the market and the first thing I spotted was a cute little boba tea stand! I can't wait to get a cup the next time I go back. One vendor had these tomatoes that were enormous and so fragrant, you could smell them when you walked by. 

Although the produce was beautiful, I actually ended up leaving with two loaves of breakfast breads. It was so hard to choose from all of the flavors but I got one Lemon Blueberry and one Chocolate Chip Pumpkin which will be so good with my morning tea. 

After the market, we explored a new-ish hotel downtown that has an art gallery inside. The collection was surprisingly edgy and interesting for the location and the hotel was super cute. The current exhibition was works by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini which featured lots of bizarre, hybrid taxidermy figures which are meant to represent a sort-of manufactured world created by commerce and technology, blending natural forms with artificial features. 

Then, Ashley took me to her favorite bagel place. I'd been looking forward to it because I'm obsessed with orange juice and she told me that they make theirs fresh squeezed on the spot. It ended up being delicious, especially alongside my bagel sandwich with egg whites, Swiss cheese, scallions, and tomato!

IMG_1848 2.JPG