Favorite Fictional Characters & What They'd Wear Today

All of my favorite characters from fiction have several things in common---they're independent and have a strong voice, yet in many ways reserved and gentle. In their respective eras, their appearance and style played a role in their stories whether obviously or not. It's fun to think about how they would dress today and what sort of stories they would tell through their clothing choices.

Jane Eyre


Forever my favorite book and character, Jane is my literary idol and inspiration. From beginning to end, she rises up from her troubled past and present by the grace of her fiery, independent spirit. She is self-reliant, optimistic, strong-willed, and can hold her own in an intelligent conversation. I also love that such a character is depicted as also being loving and nurturing in her relationships with Mr. Rochester and his ward Adele). Today, I think her style would balance tough utilitarianism with femininity---romantic blouses with structured trousers, boots, and sturdy wool coats.

Jo Stockton


Jo from Funny Face is another character I very much identify with. She's a shy, standoffish bookshop clerk who is rather intellectually snobbish and always armed for a philosophical debate. She agrees to work as a model only so that she is able to go to Paris to attend a famous lecture on empathicalism. I'm honestly obsessed with her. A modern Jo Stockton would wear her famous black turtleneck and cigarette pant combo with ironically fashionable pieces like a trench from Vetements and the furry Gucci loafers as a statement about the absurdity of fashion.

Blair Waldorf


I'm not alone in idolizing Blair. Someone in high school once referred to me as Blair and I took it as the world's greatest compliment even though it probably wasn't meant to be. Like the other characters I love, she's independent (mostly), ambitious, and always has a pithy comeback. I like to think her style in 2017 would still fall along the lines of preppy Upper East Side flash, relying on classic brands with feminine touches---wool coats and skirts, ruffles, gold accents, and all of the it-girl bags.

Gretta (Begin Again)


I first saw this movie when I was interning in New York (at The Angelika, where you can often feel the subway underneath your feet) and I so related to the scenes of Gretta riding her bike around the city on her own. Her style is an even blend of masculine (loafers and boyfriend jeans) and feminine (floral tops and round collars) with a hint of bohemian, since she is an indie musician after all.

Who are your favorite fictional characters?