finding the right gift for every girl


Typically, today would have been a Book Report post day but with the move and everything else going on, I haven't gotten the chance to read anything this month other than a re-read of The Secret History which I already talk about constantly.

So, I wanted to do a little gift guide based on the idea of buying something the recipient wants, needs, wears, or reads. I love this philosophy because it's kind of a foolproof formula for purchasing gifts, especially if you're getting more than one thing for a particular person. A lot of people use this formula for kids, but I think it applies to just about anyone. 

I broke this guide down into four archetypes and I hope you'll find that at least one of these applies to a girlfriend in your life. 

The Insta-Girl

She might have a blog but she definitely spends a lot of time curating photography for her Instagram feed. She's knowledgable about trends in fashion and beauty and is in need of items that will improve her photography and social media strategy.

Berets are everywhere in New York right now and all of the cute girls at the office have been dying to find the right one. I like this simple, gray beret from Joe Fresh.

Joe Fresh Melange Beret, $6

Aimee Song's book Capture Your Style is the perfect book for anyone who wants to build a gorgeous Instagram feed and who better to learn from than Aimee Song?

Capture Your Style, $14

A gorgeous candle is a must-have for any good Instagram feed and you can't go wrong with Byredo. I recommend the Bibliotheque scent for peak cozy.

Byredo 'Bibliotheque' Candle, $80

Sometimes you want to take an #ootd, but you're out on your own and have no one to take it for you. This cute selfie remote should do the trick. 

Kate Spade Selfie Remote, $30


The Wellness Queen

She's the girl with a ClassPass membership, a closet full of cute activewear, and an affinity for cold pressed juices. She's interested in all things self-improvement and is always open to trying to new wellness trends.

This Spiritual Gangster sweatshirt is a cute option from a brand that a lot of wellness girls are into. I recommend the sweatshirt over a tee or muscle tank because it's great to throw on for your walk home from the gym or for cozy weekends at home.

Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirt, $74

Gabrielle Bernstein's book The Universe Has Your Back is all about turning your fear into faith and releasing the blocks that prevent us from achieving inner peace and abundance. 

The Universe Has Your Back, $16

For anyone in your life that's into wellness, I recommend Moon Juice's Spirit Dust. This blend contains goji berry powder, reishi, ashwagandha, and other adaptogens to combat stress and promote peaceful awareness.

Moon Juice Spirit Dust, $38

I firmly believe that every person needs a foam roller and this one from OPTP is a beautiful option that's functional but also looks pretty.

OPTP Foam Roller, $17


The Boss

She either runs her own business or dreams of doing so one day. She's the Type A, overachiever who always has a project. You might find her working on her laptop at a cafe or filling her schedule with networking events.

Whether she's commuting to the office or in the zone at work, a beautiful pair of heavy-duty headphones like this pair from Frends is a must-have.

Frends Headphones, $233

Sallie Krawcheck's new book Own It is all about how professional women no longer need to focus on competing with men in their fields, but instead embracing their innate strengths.

Own It, $14

A great gift for a girl boss on the go is this faux leather tassel which has a USB cable and charging cables for iPhone and Android hidden inside.

Faux Leather Charging Tassel, $12

Help your friend start off the year right with a beautiful planner from Rifle Paper Company. I particularly love this one because it's simple and elegant, yet pretty enough to brighten her day.

Rifle Paper Company Planner, $30


The Cozy Girl

This is the girl who lives for cozy nights at home, reading books in matching pajama sets or watching movies under a warm blanket, surrounded by candles. Because of this, she probably loves the holidays and is made happy by all things festive. 

Cozy girls need cute winter accessories and this pair of burgundy bow gloves from Anthropologie is the perfect place to start. They also come in white if you're looking for a more versatile color.

Anthropologie Gloves, $58

For a cozy, winter read, I recommend The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott. Set during the winter in Brooklyn, the story centers around the suicide of an Irish immigrant. Sad? Yes. Cozy? Also yes.

The Ninth Hour, $18

Paddywax has a great collection of literary candles like this Jane Austen-themed one that are perfect for a cozy night in. If Jane Austen isn't her thing, there's also Dickens, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and more.

Paddywax Library Candle, $8 - $28

A pair of slippers is a total cozy necessity and these furry ones from J.Crew are the perfect choice for cold winter nights. If you want to be a little extra, combine this gift with a cute set of pajamas.

J.Crew Slippers, $30