Glossier's New Moisturizer!

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As you might know, I'm a huge fan of Glossier. I've been reading Into The Gloss since long before the products launched and still read everyday. I was so excited when Glossier reached out and offered to send me their new Priming Moisturizer Rich to try out! Not only had I been aching for a new Glossier product, but the cold weather had me in desperate need of a heavy moisturizer. 

My honest thoughts on the product are exactly the same as my thoughts on everything else I've tried from Glossier. Just amazing. From packaging and scent to texture and results, I love it all. I'd used the regular Priming Moisturizer before and noted how it made my makeup go on easily, feel cleaner, and last longer throughout the day.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the jar was that the moisturizer smells just like lavender essential oil, which is one of my favorite and most-used scents. So, you're instantly put in a relaxed mood as soon as you open the jar to use the product. The cream is thick and velvety, but it only takes a small amount to cover your face and neck. 

I've been using this moisturizer for a week or so now and even on snowy, freezing days it manages to keep my face soft and hydrated. Honestly, I know I sound like such a fangirl but using this moisturizer just feels luxurious and comforting. 

Lucky for you, the new Priming Moisturizer launches today! This really is a perfect moisturizer for the current climate, so I highly suggest you place an order.