hosting a cozy holiday movie night

Do you guys find yourself going to a lot of holiday parties this time of year? They're a great excuse to get dressed up for a night, get a blowout, and create a gorgeous evening makeup look. But, the other side of winter is that we all just kind of want to stay cozy at home, wrapped up in blankets and watching movies. Honestly, the thought of buttery popcorn paired with a sugary drink with a blanket and a film is one of the most luxurious situations I can think of.

So, I figure why not find a balance between the two by hosting a cozy holiday movie night at your house? It's a refreshing take on the holiday party that I'm sure all of your friends will be excited about because there's really nothing better than being cozy and comfortable with your best friends, right?

Plus, it's a party you can put together quickly and on a fairly low budget. You can even outsource some of the expenses by asking your friends to pick up bags of popcorn or a bottle of wine for the cocktail.

Start with the basics: popcorn and candy.

Make a few batches of your favorite microwave popcorn to keep things easy. If you have some extra time, you could make a little toppings bar with different spice mixes like paprika and parsley, nutritional yeast, and chili seasoning. 

Fill a few festive, glass bowls with your favorite movie theater candy, which you can pick up from Target, the drugstore candy aisle, or a specialty company like Sugarfina. Some classic choices are Raisinets, Skittles, Starbursts, Hershey's Kisses, and Airheads. I like the idea of choosing unfussy candy to keep things fun and nostalgic.

For an elegant dish that is easy to make, try baking a simple Brie en Croûte with your favorite fruit preserves. All you need is a sheet of puff pastry, a wheel of brie, preserves (I like apricot and raspberry), and crackers for dipping. Prep and pop it in the oven to bake between movies or just before you start watching if you're only watching one. 

If candy isn't enough, add a proper dessert that's either homemade or picked up from the local bakery. Some options to consider are miniature cakes, eclairs, or gingerbread cookies. 

Since the food menu is fairly heavy and sweet, offer your guests a few refreshing drink options like a festive infused water and a cranberry white sangria. Be sure to have some hot chocolate mix on hand in case you're craving some later in the evening.

Keep the decor simple and easy. Provide cozy blankets for your friends to cuddle with and a pair of holiday socks. Pick up some vintage popcorn boxes online or from your local craft store and serve drinks in holiday stadium cups.


via No Spoon Necessary

via No Spoon Necessary

There are a couple of formats your movie night could follow. You could watch one or two movies---I recommend The Family Stone, Harry Potter, Home Alone, and Eloise at Christmastime. Or, you could binge watch episodes of cozy TV shows like Gilmore Girls, The Crown, Downton Abbey, or The Great British Baking Show. 

It would also be fun to watch The Shop Around the Corner followed by its modern adaptation You've Got Mail. Another option would be to watch a few Hallmark movies, which are so good to poke fun at with friends. 

My favorite option is to gather your friends to watch a performance of The Nutcracker because there is truly nothing more festive. This version from the Dutch National Ballet on YouTube is a good one!

While you're all cozy on the couch watching movies, pass out a few treatment masks. You can obviously use traditional sheet masks but Sephora also carries lip masks, hand masks, and foot masks.

Pajamas are the way to go here! Have everyone wear their favorite pair and be sure to take a group photo. For a comfy option that is slightly more put together, try a pair of black leggings with a sweater.