How Cute is Brooklyn Farmacy?

A while back, I was really craving an egg cream so I looked up the best ones in New York and stumbled upon Brooklyn Farmacy. I headed to Carroll Gardens a few weekends ago to check it out and pretended for a second to be Holden Caulfield in that diner scene.

Brooklyn Farmacy ended up being incredibly cute and well worth going out of my way! It is this little corner place with a mint green exterior and the inside feels like an old-fashioned soda foundation with products lining the walls.

I sat at the counter to keep things authentic and ordered the classic egg cream. I had originally planned on getting a grilled cheese to accompany it but was still full from breakfast, so I stuck with the drink. It was the perfect treat for a hot day...chocolatey and fizzy and refreshing. 

This was one of those cute places that I desperately hope we as a society continue to preserve. I'm all about new, trendy dining experiences but places like Brooklyn Farmacy, which is located inside a 1920s apothecary, are reminders of our country's past and the nostalgic memories of our grandparents' and great-grandparents' childhoods.