How to Get the Haircut You Want

I know I'm not the only one who feels a bit nervous going in for a haircut. Most of us have experienced a terrible cut and I'm sure all of us have left the salon with a look that is not exactly what we had in mind. Having had a brief stint at the Aveda hair school, I have a few tips when it comes to effectively communicating with your stylist to get the haircut that you actually want.

Be realistic when choosing your haircut.
This may seem obvious, but keep in mind things like your natural hair texture and growth patterns when you are browsing through Pinterest for haircut inspiration. No matter what your stylist does, they aren't magicians and some cuts just may not work for you. Try to find haircut inspiration by looking for photos of people with face shapes and hair texture similar to yours.

Schedule a consultation.
In my experience, most Aveda salons require a pre-service consultation when a client books a color treatment. Although it may not be time sensitive, I think it's wise to have a bit of time before your appointment to talk with your stylist about what you want. This way, there is a scheduled bit of time to have a conversation about it rather than just a 30-second window while you're in the chair.

Bring photos of the cut you want that show multiple angles.
Showing your stylist one photo of a girl with cute hair you found on Instagram may not allow them to see exactly what you're trying to go for. In addition to verbally communicating what you want, I suggest finding photos of haircuts from different angles so that your stylist has a better general idea of what's going on.

Tell your stylist about your daily routine.
Informing a stylist about your lifestyle and schedule can be helpful in determining whether or not certain cuts will work for you or just add stress to your life. It's helpful for a stylist to know if you swim often, if you are a gym-goer or an athlete, or if you style your hair with hot tools. Additionally, let them know if you are willing and able to spend an hour styling your hair each morning or if you simply want to wake up and go. This makes a huge difference and will prevent you from getting a high maintenance haircut that you are unable to maintain.

Describe how you want your hair to feel.
As we all know, there's more to a haircut than just looks. Some people find a fringe irritating, some get irritated when their hair feels heavy on their neck or too much in their face. Let your stylist know if you want your hair to feel lighter or if you would like it to have more natural movement. This is a crucial factor in choosing what kind of layers, if any, to add.

Mention the hairstyles you want to be able to do.
If you are going shorter, but still want to be able to style a high ponytail or topknot, let the stylist know so that they don't take off too much hair to create short layers that will fall out of and updo. The same goes for fringe which can make certain hairstyles more difficult.