How to Have a Cozy Hotel Night

Since I was little, I've always loved staying in hotels. Whether it's for a week long trip, a quick overnight stay, or something more extended, I just feel at ease and content in a good hotel room. Remember that MK & Ashley song "I Wanna Live In a Hotel"? Fortunately, I had the chance to live in a hotel for three months when I was an intern in college, so I got to live out that dream.

Everytime I stay in a hotel, I like to treat it like a special occasion and go all out to have a cozy. Here are five ways you can do the same:

Curate a selection of snacks and treats.
Once you arrive at the hotel, head out to a good grocery store like Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or Dean & DeLuca. Fill your basket with a variety of snacks---crunchy, savory, and sweet. Or, just stop by the bakery and pick up a selection of pastries for later. Back in your room, set up a little snack bar to enjoy for much cheaper than the already established mini bar. 

Pack a good book and a fun magazine.
Bring along a novel or non-fiction book so that you can use your downtime to get caught up on reading. I also suggest bringing a fun magazine, whether it is related to fashion (Vogue, W, Marie Claire), lifestyle (Real Simple, Garden & Gun), high-brow (Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Town & Country), or independent (Kinfolk, Oh Comely, Cereal). 

Bring along your favorite spa essentials.
Supplement the hotel bathroom amenities with a few of your favorite beauty products. I suggest bringing a sheet mask or two as well as a good body lotion. But, my favorite thing to bring with me is an aromatherapy spray. You can use this in the shower as well as for spritzing on the sheets. Why not turn your hotel stay into a little spa retreat?

Indulge in live TV.
Since I don't have cable at home, I always get a little excited when I stay at a hotel because I'm able to spend a little time mindlessly flipping through the channels. During your next hotel stay, watch whatever movie is on or have a little HGTV binge. 

Take advantage of hotel amenities.
Whether you're at a resort, a luxury hotel, or just your average passing-through kind of place, you can take advantage of the hotel amenities. For instance, if there's a sauna on the pool deck, pair it with your face mask!