How to Have the Best Summer

Of all the seasons, summer is most evocative. Somehow, I think it's all about nostalgia and trying to relive the days when you were off of school for summer and thought about nothing except which books to read or what to do next once you've gotten out of the pool. Which movies should I marathon watch today? Or should we have s'mores for dessert or an ice-cream cone?

Even if those days are in the past, summer is the time to re-introduce a sense of spontaneous frivolity and a relaxed state of mind into your life. I think this year will be a good one, so why not make it the best summer ever?

Create a summer reading list.
Now that you have no pre-existing list from your teachers, create your own summer TBR and fill it with a variety of books ranging from classics and contemporary fiction to cookbooks, memoirs, and non-fiction books on a topic you've been wanting to know more about. If you're looking for a place to get started, check out my poolside reading guide here

Add a few colorful, flowing skirts to your wardrobe.
Pants are just not an option on hot summer days, so pick up a few fun skirts and dresses that will not only put you in a fun summer mood, but will also keep you cool throughout the day. Brands like MDS Stripes, Dodo Bar Or, and J.o.a. have so many cute options right now.

Upgrade your summer beauty routine.
Add some products to your skin and makeup routine that work best for summer, both functionally and aesthetically. Pick a great, luxurious sunscreen that you'll want to apply everyday as well as some fun, non-greasy highlighters, and a beach wave spray. 

Cook seasonal meals.
I'm not a big fan of heavy meals, so cooking in the summer is much more enjoyable for me than in the colder months. Head to the farmer's market to pick up fresh, seasonal produce around which to plan your meals. Keep things light and try to choose watery foods that will also keep you hydrated.

Invest in a good self-tanner.
We all know that sun protection is crucial, but a tan in the summer always makes your breezy outfits look better, so find a good self-tanner to use instead of baking your skin in the sun. I particularly love St. Tropez's Classic Gradual Tanning Lotion which quickly gives your skin a natural, gold-not-orange glow and doesn't smell bad.

Create a summer tradition.
To make the summer months feel as special as they were when you were a kid, create a tradition that you follow from June through August. Some ideas I'm toying with are 'Pamper Wednesday' or 'Friday Movie Night'. For example, Pamper Wednesday would mean that every Wednesday night, I take the time to use a face mask and relax in a fluffy robe surrounded by candles and relaxing music. 

Prioritize spending time by the water.
It's no myth that our brains love the water. This summer, make it a priority to spend your free time by the water, whether it's the ocean, a lake, or even just the pool. You don't have to just lie there either....take a book, have a conversation, or even set up a movie projector by your pool at home if possible.

Enjoy the little things
Like I said before, summer has to be the most evocative season. When I think of it, it immediately conjures the sound of crickets chirping, the smell of campfires or whatever food is on the neighbor's grill, and the image of sparkling pools and green grass. No matter what you're doing that day, take a moment or two to check in with your senses and enjoy the special little things that make summer so great.